Interpersonal Relationship & Business Etiquette
  • Interpersonal relations at work serve a critical role in the development and maintenance of trust and positive feelings within and between teams. The quality of such interpersonal relationships will significantly contribute to the success of any collective endeavour. The overall objective of this training are:

    • To emphasize on the importance of team work highlighting the various dynamics of a team
    • To understand the role of Inter Personal Relationship in teamwork accommodating the various personality traits of individuals
    • To be able to resolve conflicts in a collaborative way
    • To highlight the Art of Negotiation - an integrative approach to Win-Win situation
    • To understand the importance of Cultural alignment and business etiquette to work in multi-cultural environment

    Interpersonal Relationship & Business Etiquette is a One Day workshop. The workshop is filled with activities and role plays which keeps participants engaged and helps immensely in the learning process.

    Programs can be customized to suit specific requirements. Call us for further details.