Business Writing
  • Written Communication is an important component of business communication. The proliferation of emails along with its easy access to everyone has opened up this channel. Now people are able to communicate at any time, from anywhere and to anybody. The democratisation of the written communication process has its own inherent challenges. The propriety one has to maintain especially in business communication has to be self-imposed.

    The workshop looks into the various types of written communication such as letters, emails, memos and reports. The structuring of these documents and the etiquettes to be followed are discussed. The objectives of this training are:

    • To highlight the importance of writing as part of effective communication
    • To make communication effective through letters/email writing
    • To write simple and concise reports

    Business Writing is a One Day workshop. The workshop is filled with actvities and role plays which keeps participants engaged and helps immensely in the learning process.

    Programs can be customized to suit specific requirements. Call us for further details.