Communication Essentials - C2C
  • Communication skills can have a large impact on your success in your business and personal life. In fact, according to several management experts, being a good communicator is half the battle won. After all, if one speaks and listens well, then there is little or no scope for misunderstanding.

    Infocareer's has developed a comprehensive 4 day workshop to bring fresh graduates and first time employee to face the challenges of corporate world. The overall objective of this workshop is to:

    • Help communicate with confidence
    • Revisit basic English Grammar
    • Provide a primer on writing skills
    • Effective usage of communication tools emails / telephone
    • Getting used to basic business etiquette

    The methodology adopted for this training / workshop, based on experiential learning is filled with activities such as of role plays, exercises and audio/video sessions.

    Experienced facilitator will lead you right through the workshop encouraging you, providing you with feedback and making sure the learning objectives are met.

    The duration and the content can be customized to meet specific requirements of the customer