Process Consulting
  • Process Consulting is driven by the explicit objective of improving the process capabilities of an organization. This offering leverages on international standards such as ISO and process framework such as CMMI for DEV, CMMI for SVC etc.

    Infocareer works closely with the customer delivery and quality teams to produce appropriate processes, tools and methods. Inspiring the confidence of customers and staff, breaking down barriers between departments, and reaching defined business objectives - all of these goals are achieved through the implementation of a dynamic and robust Quality Management System.

    As part of this offering, Infocareer generates a wide range of services, from process definition, implementation and training, to process assessments for model - and non-model-based improvement initiatives.

    Our Services include:

    • BOOST model (Build/Own/Operate/Sustain/Transfer) to kick-start quality initiatives.
    • Internal Audit Services
    • Model based Gap Analysis.
    • Plan process improvement initiatives
    • Process optimization
    • Establishing an effective measurement program

    Our consultants are experienced and have hands on experience in Software Delivery and Software Quality Management. Their interpretation of various quality system models and standards are in line with practical requirements. Our consultants will be very effective mentors and help in the customers quality journey.

    Contact us for further details on all our offerings.