• QHub

    • QHub is a robust and sophisticated exam authoring and delivery framework, with flexibility and power in the management of assessments. It enables your organization tomanage the entire assessment process with optimal control and security.For training programs to yield results it is important to evaluate the extent to which it is assimilated by the trainees. Analysis suggests that formative and summative evaluations are not widely used. In the majority of the cases, the responsibility for evaluation is that of managers and the most frequently used methods were informal feedback and questionnaires.

      QHub as a learning assessment tool helps analyse the learners capabilities, progress and knowledge, to ensure a uniform learning standard across your organisation. The assessment engine provides invaluable feedback to the trainers to modify and streamline courses. It will help employees or students every step of the way and will provideinvaluable information about each of them.

      QHub comes with features that enable trainers and trainees to assess competencies and provide valuable feedback:

      1. Authoring Tool for Objective & Subjective Questions.
      2. Create different kind of questions, such as MCQ , Short questions, long questions, True or False and Match the following.
      3. Randomization - Set your own exam rules: Decide the number of questions per Topic and pass percentage.
      4. Create your own tag library associated with questions in the Question Bank.
      5. Add Images with Questions.
      6. Feedback/Hints While Attempting Practice Tests.
      7. Choose to make an assessment "Timed or Non-Timed".
      8. Feedback for Correct/Incorrect Attempts.
      9. Flag Questions for Re-attempt.
      10. Generate assessments reports at the click of a mouse in pdf, xls or as a Graphical Representation.
      11. Perform Certification Management by keeping Track of the number of attempts.
      12. Reusable Question Bank.

      QHub as an online assessment tool has applications in many fields ranging from Corporates to Educational Institutions.

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