Requirement Management
  • Between 40% and 60% of software failures and defects are the result of poor software management and requirements definition. In plain English, this means that about half of the problems encountered could have been avoided by making it clear, from the very beginning, what the customer expected from the respective project.

    Requirements Management is an essential part of controlling complexity, risk, project scope and in un-ambiguously defining the goals and criteria for a successful software project. The Effective Requirements Management workshop provides learners with an understanding of the function requirements have within a project.

    Requirement Management is a TWO day workshop conducted by experienced professionals with several years of experience. This workshop brings to the participants practical aspects of requirement management.


    This workshop will enable the participant in:

    • Understanding the importance of requirements management
    • Introducing key terminology used in requirements management
    • Establishing the success factors needed for requirements management
    • Overcoming objections to requirements management
    • Understanding the requirements management process and the project life cycle

    In addition the workshop will also address:

    • Prioritizing tools and technique
    • Understanding definitions and key terminology of the review and realization of requirements
    • Understanding some of the common pitfalls of requirements management and tips to avoid them
    • Ensuring effectiveness of requirements review meetings

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