Software Sizing using FP
  • It is tempting to think of software development work in terms of the effort or resources that should be applied to the project, but this formula puts the cart before the horse. How can managers plan efficiently if they don't know how much work is needed to translate a given set of requirements into executable code? Size estimation is often perceived to be a difficult and thankless job; so much so that many project managers are tempted to forgo size estimates and rely instead upon level of effort or task based estimation.

    Software Sizing and Estimation is a 3 day workshop that introduces you to various sizing techniques. Function Point Estimation a technique that could be considered as the most popular estimation technique is covered in detail during this workshop.On completion of this three day workshop, participants will have an overall understanding on the need for Software Sizing and a working knowledge of various sizing techniques.

    The participants would have gathered a thorough understanding of 'Function Points', the most widely used estimation methodology. The case study which is part of this workshop will enable you to calculate:

    • Function Point for new project
    • Function Point calculation for "early in definition"
    • Function Point calculation for an enhancement application
    • FP for different technologies