Success Stories
  • Abhijeet Kumar - Dec 28, 2016

    Thanks Infocareer Team and special thanks to Sekhar sir for all guidelines.Here is a short explained journey towards my PMP certification.

    When I decided to take up PMP certification and I got a reference from colleque about infocareer. I completed my class and started taking mock test after completing road to success on weekends at infocareer. I reached to Sekhar sir when I was sure that I have time for 2-3 months dedicated preparations and he gave access to Myqhub and guided me throughout with my scores and improvement.I followed exactly as he said. After satisfactory scores, he gave access to one last question bank and asked me to take exam date. I tool 10 days off from work and prepared for my exams being in regular touch with Sekhar on my score of 5-6 full mock exams. I completed my PMP on the scheduled date on the first go.

    It was a landmark decision to choose a institute and I did the right thing by choosing Infocareer.I think Infocareer leadership is not committed alone but they are passionate about creating PMP's. Thanks Sekhar Sir.

    Govind S Mehra - Dec 1, 2016

    Yesterday, I have cleared my PMP and I think because of your last minute motivation I was able to make it.

    I still remember, I got your number randomly from one of my colleague on June month but I missed it. Co-incidentally, I found it in Aug month then I decided to call you on 18th Aug and you said me to meet you first before we discuss anything about PMP. The day one you Inspired me that to go for the class which was about to start from 20th/21st Aug.

    I thought like every Institute your will also Inspire people to get more business (Natural thought of Common Man) but since, I want to take chance so I enrolled myself, though I was not prepared. Then you took our first session & I was able to connect, after 4 classes, I got a confidence that I will make it but when I actually started studying then I got to know how much effort you would have put to make those chapters easier for us. Your 4 days classes briefing and my 3 Month study both were still not 100 % correct but since you mentor us, so I was able to read chapter from anywhere and co-relate back to our class.

    Finally, I decided to give exam yesterday and I called you as per the recommendation from one of my Manager. Again question got evolved in my mind why will Sekhar Sir pick my call, his work is already done and he will be busy in his new task, so he wont respond but still I want to take no chance at least for this exam and I called you.

    My assumptions were not only wrong but the way you responded me was even something that I have never expected. Your yelling at me also brought me up from my negativity, it really stimulated me. The Audios sent by you connected me through whole book in 45 Min.

    In fact in last 4 days I did not called my parents and just messaged my wife anniversary wishes which was on 28th but I managed to called you because I was getting more connected towards my milestone and you were igniting me . Exam day also you killed my final fear of thing of result.

    Many-Many thanks Sir, I know teaching itself is tough Job and professional teaching is a kind of suicide bomb as, if you will not put your efforts, people will not even suggest your name or Institute.

    You &Your institute is really doing a great Job but finally its teacher who built Institute not Institute makes teacher and you are the life line of institute.

    Again thank you very much for all the hours you spent, attention you gave, needs you tend, knowledge you passed on, efforts you made, angle of thinking you changed and finally positive you maintained on us. I salute them. Hope we will get same blessing from you in future as well !!!!!!!!

    Ravi Rao Manda - Nov 30, 2016

    Firstly I would like to apologise for the late response in thanking Infocareer for helping me clear PMP.

    I am taking this oppourtunity to thank infocareer for handholding and guiding me throughout the journey till I cleared PMP on 7th of Sept 2016.

    Your systematic input has helped me a lot and special thanks to you Sir for showing faith in me and pushing me by giving right sugesstions.

    As you are aware that in 2014 ,I had first attended your 35 hrs PMPcourse in bangalore and then discountinued the flow and did not attempt for the exam, but this year when I contacted you and after your encouragement I could clear it in one go.

    Thank you for every thing.